He will come soon, are you ready ?

He is coming soon by Sergej Mihal

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The Rapture – an absorbing and a carefully written book about The Rapture is filling up Czech literary market.

The author is not very proficient in languages and writing, however he very clearly sums up commonly known interpretations by foreign eschatologists in a well arranged way. In addition, he adds an original point of view on certain passages of the New Testament that has been a bit overlooked by various experts in this area.

All of the presented interpretations of the Bible are credible. That is quite remarkable. They surprise us at first but after deeper studying and comparing with the Bible – the Old Testament, the Gospels or the letters of the Apostles – the interpretations prove to be in harmony with the Word of God.

This shows us unique spiritual inspiration of the author and an individual revelation in understanding of many passages of the Bible that have been an object of many discussions and controversial arguments.

The contribution of the book is absolutely immense. It holds the potential to ease the effort on finding individual spiritual orientation, to help more clearly understand the meaning of Jesus’ life and His teachings and to understand the importance of His sacrifice on the cross of Golgotha. The core message calls everybody to reconsider their life priorities, to restore their morality and personal godliness and to put interpersonal relationships in order in this time – the time period right before fulfillment of the Bible prophecies. And that we will surely witness happening very soon.

The physical evacuation of all people who fulfill God’s conditions and are worthy of leaving to their home in heaven; to the safety of their heavenly dwellings – this is the key event for all spiritually ready people. This is the rapture of the Church and this happens before God’s righteous judgement of the world.